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2017 Annual Real Estate Market Statistics for the GTA

  Now that we have a firm foot in 2018, I wanted us to take a look back at the annual sales for 2017. Overall for the year, 92,394 home sales were reported through the TREB MLS. Compared to the record-setting year in 2016, the number of home sales in 2017 was down 18.3%, but […]

New Mortgage Rules Got You Stressed? Here’s a Simple Explanation

A quick summary of what you need to know about the new mortgage rules: B20 and the Stress Test. If you’re planning to buy a home and will be applying for a mortgage with an A Lender you will be subject to a Stress Test. All that means is that the lender will qualify you […]

Ontario Fair Housing Plan Aftermath: Is It Now Safe To Sell?

Everyone who lives in and around Toronto knows that home prices have been on a meteoric rise to record highs for the past several years.It is widely believed that the soaring prices are due to a shortage of housing stock for the many people moving to the region each year. Low supply mixed with a […]

Are You On The Fence About Home Ownership?

Buying a property in today’s market is not an easy decision to make. With fewer homes on the market and a growing population, demand is pushing home prices out of reach for many of us. So in a market like this one, renting is definitely an attractive option. But there’s a certain pride that comes […]