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Renting can be a great option

And because the number of good available rental units is below the demand, competition is fierce out there.

Now I really like the benefits of buying a home and will often recommend that option to my clients if it makes sense for them. But renting is a great option that still allows you to create a home that offers comfort, space and memories.

Renting is also a great option when you:

  • Don’t have the down payment to buy
  • Want to be in a specific area that you can’t yet afford to buy into
  • Don’t want to be tied down by a mortgage
  • Want to save yourself thousands of dollars on house maintenance cost every year

If this sounds like you, then I agree that renting is a fine option for you.

Here are some ways that I can help you beat the competition and become the best candidate for a rental listing:

Landlords want to ensure that you are reliable, trustworthy and creditworthy, so I will help you gather and present the right documents to show them that you’re their best choice.

A great unit will attract lots of candidates who you will have to compete with. I’ll make sure that you’re prepared to apply and interview for those hot new units as soon as their listed on the market.

Getting a landlord to choose you is an important step, but equally important are the terms of the contract that you agree to. I will help you to negotiate the terms of your rental agreement and clearly outline what is expected of you and your landlord.

And what will my services cost you? Absolutely nothing.

Let me help you get started by first answering any questions that you might have

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What renters have said:

Thank you, Lorie! You were truly amazing through the whole process of finding a home. It wasn’t easy making a huge decision to venture out on my own without my husband, but you really did make the process much more easy and smooth. You will be my “go to” realtor.

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