Sell your home for the right price

If you’re planning to sell your home, there are likely a million things that you’re considering.

Questions like:

  • Should I renovate before listing?
  • Can I afford to buy something else in this market?
  • Will I get what I think my home is worth?

These are just some of the questions that I love helping my clients to answer.

One of the main benefits of working with me to sell your home is that I’ll be with you every step of the way to guide and support you through the process of attracting a buyer that will buy your home for the right price.

I'm an experienced agent who has helped clients sell their home for the most money in the quickest amount of time. My job is to take the stress out of selling your home and make it a fun and seamless process.

Here are the steps that I take to ensure the process is a smooth one:

Step 1: 

Research your local area

Before I even visit your home, I like to research your local area to get a feel of its history, its current state and its future evolution.

This gives me some clues on who is living there now, and who might want to live there in the future.

Here are some examples of the types of questions I'm looking to answer:

Are there residential and commercial developments planned
for your area?
Are there similar neighbourhoods to yours that can give us clues about how your area might evolve in the next few years?
My brokerage, Royal LePage Real Estate Services, also has some handy tools that allow me to dig deep into the demographics of your area to gain a detailed perspective of your neighbour's:

Education level
Family structure
Race, religion and culture
These data points are essential in establishing the target buyer for your area.

Step 2

Create your custom sales plan 

Your home is unique and will appeal to a specific buyer in this current market. My first priority will be to understand your home’s true value through conversations with you and my own careful evaluation of your property. The ultimate goal at this stage is to establish your expectations for the sale of your home and create a plan that attempts to exceed them.

Sales data in your local area is readily available so you can easily see what homes are selling for or have recently sold for. What's more difficult is to know why they sold for that price.

My comparative market analysis not only considers the raw data, but it also includes my field research which will give insights on how we can position to beat the competition. And an my knowledge of market conditions, current mortgage rates, supply and demand, and legislation affecting the market will help us list for the right price.

Step 3:

Photograph the interior and exterior spaces

Once we have completed our fixes, renovations and staging of the home, we are ready to take photographs and video.

About 95% of buyers begin their home search on the internet, viewing photographs and video tours of the property. I've seen beautiful homes ignored because their marketing photographs didn't show well online.  The photographs were dimly lit, taken from awkward angles, and didn't focus on the home's most valuable features.

To make sure the essence of your home is captured beautifully on film, I work with the best team of photographers and videographers.

My team also measures and creates a floor plan of your home. A floor plan is very compelling to buyers because it gives them a sense of the home's footprint, it's space and how rooms relate to each other.

Just Listed cards and door knocking

Mailing "Just Listed" cards and knocking on doors are very powerful tactics when you're selling your home. They are powerful tactics because they let everyone in your neighbourhood know that you're home is on the market.

Most people love their current neighbourhood, so they might be looking for a new home in the same area that better suits their need. And even if your neighbour has no plans to move, nothing makes them love their home more than having their closest friends and family move-in nearby.

Your neighbour can't wait to tell their friends that a beautiful home just became available within walking distance of them. I print and distribute "Just Listed" cards to your neighbours to make these potential buyers and referrers know about your listing. And when it comes to selling, nothing beats face-to-face communication. So I like to knock on some of your neighbours' doors to let them know about your listing.

Step 4: 

Manage home tours with buyers

Booking appointments and showing your property is a full-time job. And if you're not available when a prospective buyer wants to view your home, you may be losing out on the sale. In addition to arranging, promoting and hosting open houses on the weekend, I also manage all bookings of appointments to view your home.

I'll only book appointments that work with your prearranged schedule, but ensure that buyers see your home within a timely manner.

Negotiate incoming offers to ensure the best deal

Receiving valid offers to purchase is exciting but also very stressful. What if the offer isn’t quite what you wanted? What if the closing date is too soon? How can you be sure that the buyer can make good on the deal? 

I will clarify all elements of the offer including price, deposit, financial terms, inclusions and exclusions, the closing or possession date and any conditions that apply to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

After the sale followups

My service doesn’t end after an offer is accepted, nor is over on closing day. Rest assured that I am always available to support you through your real estate journey.


My family and I have had the privilege of working with Lorie Brodie.

It was the first time utilizing her service as a realtor and I was impressed with her ability to ascertain a sale for our house in less than a week. She is knowledgeable about the housing market and is an avid advocate for what is in the best interest of her clients.

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