​​​​Why Work with Lorie?

I’m a full-service real estate agent with Royal Lepage, and I provide my clients with the advice and support that they need to buy, sell and lease in Toronto.

For over a decade I worked in the retail industry as a client experience and marketing professional.

And the primary focus of my job was to entice customers to come back to a shopping centre over and over again.

I quickly learned that customers don’t come back just because they found what they needed, or got a good deal.

They come back because they enjoyed the overall shopping experience.

This lesson has stayed with me and now that I’m a real estate agent, I strive to provide my clients with a great client experience that will stay with them well after a deal closes.

There are many ingredients that go into making a genuinely great client experience.

For me, it starts with my promises to you.

My promise to you

  • I promise to be honest and transparent in all of our interactions.
  • I promise to work diligently, smartly and creatively to get you the results that you deserve.
  • I will work relentlessly and creatively to find the value that you are looking for in this very tough Toronto real estate market.
  • I will always make myself available to educate, support and guide you through your real estate experience.
  • I understand that knowledge is power, so I dedicate a large portion of my time to creating and sharing information that will give you the confidence that you need to make great decisions when you buy, sell or lease.

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